Hi, I’m Michael. I’m both a successful and a failed businessman.DSC04811 copy

The success is great – but it’s the failures that really taught me how to live.

This is my story. Read on to find out a little about who I am, and how I might be able to help you with your dreams, too.

From my early twenties I knew, I didn’t want to work for anyone else and ventured into Self-employment.

I loved it.

But something didn’t ‘click’.

The success I wanted still evaded me.

And it didn’t seem to matter how hard I tried … something still just wasn’t right.

But then I came across something that would change my life forever: Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

That was the first place I learned about the vital necessity of creating a residual income.

Those two little words, ‘residual’ and ‘income’, would end up shaping my entire future as a businessman, friend, coach and leader.

I knew it was what I needed to do. I needed independence. I needed to live life on my own terms. And I needed to reach that goal, so I could teach others how to do it, too.

So, with that goal in mind, I gritted my teeth and committed myself heart and soul to the direct marketing business. I told myself I wasn’t going to quit until I’d made a roaring success of it.

Guess what?

Literally nobody believed I could do it.

Even my mum told me, ‘Mike, you’re a dreamer. This will NEVER work.’ But … I proved them all wrong ;)

Within 3 years I had created a 6 figure income. That residual income dream of mine was coming true – and I was teaching others how to do it, too. From there, I went on to launch a retail store – which crashed and burned, losing me over $100,000.

But from failure comes the seeds of future success … and with the lessons I learned from that store, went on to help a Start-up, one of NZ’s first Daily Deal companies, being a part of it as it grew to a $3.5 million dollar company in just two and a half years. So yeah, I’m a businessman.

But my real passion?


My biggest calling is as a coach and business mentor to others. At the time of writing, I have coached hundreds and hundreds of people. I teach them how to change their lives, become financially independent, and create a life they love.

I routinely speak in front of audiences of thousands across the world, coaching others how to do what I’ve done.

This is what gives my life true meaning.

It’s my successes, failures and hunger to continually learn that makes me a valuable coach, speaker and entrepreneur.

Providing a way to expand others’ health, finances, relationships and lives, is what makes my heartsing and fulfils my soul.