Michael has made a significant impact on my personal growth over the past two and a half years. In his highly skilled manner, Michael been able to transform me from a resistant, uncoachable individual to someone who is now able to see a much bigger vision and be an effective coach for others. Michael has a remarkable ability to see in others what they cannot see for themselves, to lift people and take them to another level of productivity. With the assistance of Michael, I now have an inspired vision to become someone that I never considered was possible. My business results have improved dramatically and I now have a growing Residual Income, thanks to Michael’s wisdom around communication and connecting with people. I’m grateful for all the time and energy Michael has shared as a coach and importantly as a trusted and respected friend. If you have the opportunity to work with Michael, I would recommend you grab it with both hands!

Dr Nick Kimber, PhD
Senior Lecture in Sport Science & Human Nutrition
Nutrition consultant & founder of the NutriFit Programme

Michael and I met through mutual friends, yet our relationship developed much later when Michael offered to help me with my business start-up. He always gave of his time freely and coached me with kindness and openness. Over the years we have built a great team and I have learnt a great deal from Michael’s experience as an entrepreneur and successful businessman and network marketer. The trainings and weekly contact with Michael as a coach have been invaluable to my business and my personal life. I’m certain I wouldn’t have the business success I have today if it weren’t for Michael and his expertise.

Pascale Hennessey
Life Coach & Personal Development Mentor

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. Being an entrepreneur has been something that I have learnt through trial and error.

Meeting Michael was something that I am truly grateful for. Over 1 year ago the thought of me having a mentor was weird, as a self-made entrepreneur I was asking myself “Why do I want someone telling me what to do”.

That was my first mistake. I didn’t understand the true power of someone who sees your strengths, who gives compassionate feedback on things that they see that you can improve on, and who helps you get through the bad times by helping you see the bigger picture. “Telling me” changed to “Guiding me” and someone who is as successful as Michael is packaging up over a decade of knowledge, it has been the best thing that has happened to me.

Using Michael’s wisdom I have pushed through my personal barriers and fears and have excelled in the realm of my new business.

Michael is like a brother to me, and I look forward to the work we have ahead.

Thank you for everything you have done.

Stefan Diedrichs
Building Consultant and Entrepreneur

I never knew the difference a mentor could make until working with Michael.

A pivotal moment was when my husband and I were going through a 5 day Public speaking course with Michael and there was a lot of theory to do as well as having to be focused for long days and I was really waning.

Mike gave me some feedback which I’ve never forgotten as I was about to pull out of the last day before completion.

He helped me realise that just when challenge hits breaking point is when I either push through regardless of the way I feel, and have a breakthrough. Or quit and miss the opportunity to learn something. He went on to explain the same lesson will present itself again in different ways until I learn how to act in spite of the way I feel.
This has shaped me as a business owner, wife, and person immensely, and will greatly affect the way I parent.

Michael has been a constant support, sounding board, coach, teacher and close friend.
My husband and I started our first business in network marketing with Michael as our mentor. During that time we have created a full time passive income, and a very successful international Health Coaching business.
This success will allow my husband and I to be stay at home parents to our first child.

I am extremely grateful for the time, energy and love that Michael has given us over the years as we would not be right where we are, thriving business and relationships if it were not for his love and passion for helping people.

Tarryn Thompson
Business Owner

Before I met Michael Harris I was struggling with my fitness career, my confidence around people, my lack of belief in myself, and I was constantly feeling like my life was going nowhere. When I first started working with Michael I saw a huge turn around in my confidence and self-belief, and as a result I started taking more action, breaking through old limiting beliefs and finally feeling like I was accomplishing my goals. Instead of just surviving, I was thriving. Whenever I have reached major barriers in my life, Michael has always played an integral part in helping me breakthrough and get the results I want. I now enjoy a flourishing career in the health & fitness industry, and I contribute a lot of my success to those early days when Michael really helped to challenge my old way of thinking and get me out of that hole I had dug for myself. I see Michael as both a friend and mentor so if you ever get the chance to work with Michael, take action on it. He’ll challenge you to change your life, as he did mine many years ago.

Nick Ritchie
Fitness Coach

Michael is a fantastic person who has had significant impact on me. He was one of the first people to introduce me to the concept of personal responsibility and empowerment and has always been exceptionally generous with his coaching time and resources. I am grateful for the level of authenticity in our friendship – Mike is someone I know will always always be there for me as I for him.
If you are looking to learn from someone who not only teaches, but actually lives a balanced lifestyle of leveraged income then I highly recommend Mike as a coach or mentor.

Joel Sadler
Digital Transformation

Michael has had a profound impact on my life. We eventually grew to be extremely close friends and he was instrumental in my finding the strength to escape from a deeply unhappy relationship and move forward with my life. Michael helped me feel strong when I was not, he helped me find confidence and strength inside myself that I never knew existed, and he opened my eyes to the importance of developing a strong mind – how to walk the dog, instead of letting the dog walk you. He helped me cultivate an abundance mindset and this has resonated throughout my entire life to great effect. Michael is one of the few people I’ve ever met who I can have a truly incredible conversation with about pretty much anything – his appetite for learning and helping people is HUGE and he has an uncanny ability to zero in on what people aren’t saying, in order to help them reveal hidden blocks and fears that are holding them back. He is a smart, committed, born leader and his ability to inspire and educate people is unparalleled. I would recommend just five minutes with Mike to anyone who’s feeling ‘stuck’ in any part their life – his compassion, insight, and ability to inspire lasting personal change is amazing. I’m inspired by him still, after knowing him for 13 years, and I’m deeply grateful to call him a friend.

Angie Edwards